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You be the Judge.
Judy, age 20 was admittedto an inpatient psychiatric facility for acute depression and suicidal ideation. She had gone to the local police station the previous afternoon, stating that she was suicidal. The police transported her to the emergency center, and Judy was admitted on a 24- hour emergency mental health hold.
On admission, Judy was obviously depressed and stated that she was still tormented with thoughts about killings herself. Later that evening the nurses heard a crash from Judy’s room and, upon investigation, found her sitting on the bed. She head torn her robe, tied the pieces together as a and fell from the chair as she was attempting to tie the homemade rope to the ceiling . Judy was immediately placed on a 15 minute observation protocol. The following morning, the patient was still on observation every 15 minutes . The nurse at that point determined that Judy was more coherent and noted that Judy was disturbed by her appearance as she not bathed in some days. The nurse unlocked the bathroom door so that Judy could shower.
Soon after bathroom door was unlocked Judy’ s psychiatric came to speak with her. She remained with Judy for about 45 minutes , left the room, and entered a charting area that was next to the nurses station. The nurse caring for Judy did not see the psychiatric leave Judy’s room, nor did the psychiatric inform the nurse that Judy was now alone in her room.
The nurse checked on Judy approximately 15 minutes later. She found Judy hanging by the belt her bathrobe from the shower rod. Judy was in full cardiac and respiratory arrest, a code was called, and Judy now has severe and permanent anoxic brain injury . Her parents have brought this lawsuit alleging breach of the alleging breach of the standard of nursing care.

What principles of protecting patient safety are involved in this case ?

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You be the Judge. | Homework Help
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Was the nurse negligent for unlocking the bathroom door and allowing Judy to shower by herself?
Was it below the standard of care the nurse nurse to leave the bathroom door unlocked when the psychiatric came to see Judy?
Is there a greater duty to this patient from an ethical perspective ? Why or why not?
What ethical principles must be considered when caring for such a patient ?
Who are the defendants in this case ? Which defendants could potentially be held liable? Why?
Give examples of court rulings that support your opinions.
Responses must be typed, In Times New Roman ,size 12 front , with one inch margins.
Homework must be at 4 pages and no more than 8 pages maximum.



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