Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use of Our Service

These General Terms and Conditions (the “Terms of Use” or the “Terms of Use”) govern your access to and our use of our website and services on CustomWritings.com (the “Website”). Please read them carefully.

By using this website you agree to the conditions listed here. You represent and warrant that you have full legal authority to comply with these Terms of Use and to be legally bound to them.


“Website” means a total of the websites available on https://www.excellingpaper.com and all of their subdomains in which the services are provided.

“Services” refers to various types of written assignments, including essays, research, dissertations, and other written academic work that can be requested by the customer.

The “General Terms and Conditions”, the “Terms” or the “CGU” terms of use also include: the confidentiality policy, the money-back guarantee, the revision policy, the guarantee without plagiarism.

“User”, “you”, “customer” means a natural person, an individual entrepreneur or a legal person who is registered as a user on the website and has accepted these conditions, as well as any person who submits, offers or carries out an order, Uploading information and transferring payments to this website.

“Writer” is a person commissioned by us as a freelancer or another means that provides the customer with research and writing services in accordance with the agreement with us.

“Account” means the personalized area of ​​the website that is closed to the public and is created after the user’s registration. The account is personalized with your account name and password.

“Order” is an electronic request from a paying customer service representative for a particular typing service. The order defines the scope of work and other customer requirements for the product. The order refers to the written order that the customer submitted online on our website. An order includes the entire work and its consumption requirements.

The “product” is the result of an order that is written in the form of original content and is sent to the customer as a digital document according to his request.

“Customer Information” means the file of text information, in any format, that is accepted by the website you submitted for reference or example. We reserve the right to determine the file size and format requirements with customer information that you can download from the order form.

Order and Registration

1. The order is placed by filling out the order form provided on the website. No product is delivered in any other way than on request.

2. The order form specifies the scope of work, the parameters of the order and the delivery conditions. It is your personal responsibility to provide accurate, complete, and final information to each standard section of the order form when you fill out our order form.

3. In addition to the requirements of your product, you will be asked to register with your contact details such as name, email address and telephone number. If any of these settings change over time, it is your responsibility to update your account information accordingly or notify our support of these changes.

Payment of the Order and Discounts

1. If you place an order, you agree to buy the product from us. We only start processing your order after payment for the product has been made and authorized.

2. Payment for the product will be calculated based on our current price found on the pricing page and will be paid in advance as specified in the order once the scope of work has been determined. We are not responsible for the delivery of the product until payment has been made in full and authorized.

3. Orders can be paid using the payment methods currently available on the website. Please check the website for the payment methods available at the time of your payment.

4. We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to offer discounts and bonuses in accordance with the current discount policy.

5. The company undertakes to grant every customer equal access to information about the discount and bonus program without exception.

6. If the customer no longer wishes to work with us, a refund will be made in accordance with the money-back guarantee. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for your bank transfer costs, transfer differences and / or possible delays due to banking service problems.

7. You are responsible for paying all taxes, including services or VAT, which may apply depending on the jurisdiction of the services provided.

8. Depending on where you live or where you live, you may be subject to certain ad valorem or other taxes on certain fees that we charge. These taxes may be added to the fees charged to you.

9. You acknowledge that you must meet your tax jurisdiction obligations under your jurisdiction.

Order Process

1. Confirmation of the order. We reserve the right to recheck the details of the order after final payment to confirm that the mission requirements specified by the customer have been met. In the event of a mismatch, we reserve the right to change the order to ensure that customer requirements are met.

2. Adjust the volume. Each customer order has a required volume, measured by the number of pages. One page corresponds to 275 words. When the product is delivered, the received document must correspond to the expected number of pages. If the page / word count does not match, the customer may ask to reformat the paper to match the word / page count.

3. Changes to the order details. The customer can only change the scope of the work if the author has not yet started the work. Once the author has started researching and processing the order, no changes can be made. If the order details increase in volume, order complexity or fulfillment conditions, the customer is asked to charge an additional fee for the additional instructions.

4. Resources. If the customer wishes that certain resources are used for the ordering process, he must indicate these resources and / or make them available to the author.

5. Communication. Customers are strongly advised to communicate with the publisher or our support team through the website messaging system, or to contact the support team directly by phone or live chat if they require further information. .

6. Monitoring progress. The customer can track the progress of his orders through his personal account, which shows information about his order and its status. The customer can also contact support using all 24/7 communication tools to get information about the status of their order.

Delivery of the Order

1. We are responsible for the delivery of the product and compliance with the deadline specified in the order.

2. It is the customer’s personal responsibility to ensure that the delivery channels are available once we have delivered the product to the customer. We cannot be held responsible for an incorrect customer email address in the profile, spam filters, internet outages and the general negligence of the customer in the provision of communication channels and other means of contact that are beyond our control. Customer is asked to contact support for assistance with the delivery of an order.

3. The customer is responsible for timely downloading of the product after we have delivered the product.

4. Check out our money back guarantee to see if you are eligible for a refund.

Evaluation of the Order

1. Read our review guidelines.

2. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a service request if the service instructions violate the original order instructions. In such cases, the customer may be asked to pay in addition to the requested changes or to place the order for processing.

3. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse or restrict multiple review requests if customer behavior shows clear use by the author and other inappropriate requests.

Refund Policy

We are responsible for the timely delivery of the product and in accordance with the customer requirements specified in the order. In the event of a breach of any of the customer’s obligations, the customer is entitled to a partial or full refund in accordance with our refund guarantee.

Use of Products

1. When you pay for an order, you agree that it is for personal, non-commercial use only and that the payment you make reflects the time and effort that you spent on researching and writing Your order relevant. that all maintenance and management is necessary for the delivery of the product.

2. You may not reproduce, modify, distribute or display the product in any way on the Internet or in paper form, beyond a reasonable limit required for your personal use.


By ordering and / or paying for a product, you acknowledge and agree that:

a. We reserve the right to terminate an agreement, contract, or agreement with anyone who tolerates or attempts to abandon products as original work. You also agree that products delivered by us may not be passed on to third parties or distributed in any way for payment or for other purposes. You also acknowledge that we reserve the right to refuse to perform any other work for you if we suspect that a product has been distributed or used by you and / or plagiarized in any way inconsistent with these terms / or to offer you services.

b. You may not put your name on a product. All products and / or other written documents that we provide you with are for research and / or reference purposes only. We do not knowingly tolerate, encourage, or participate in plagiarism or other forms of academic fraud or dishonesty. We strictly adhere to all copyright laws and do not knowingly allow a customer to plagiarize or violate copyright laws. You agree that the delivered products and / or other written documents are only provided as sample and sample documents for research purposes. Personalized written samples are provided by us ONLY for research purposes and cannot be used as a substitute for your own writing. It can only be used as a template that you can use to learn to write your own research results well or to be inspired for your own thinking. Full parts of the research provided by our company can only be used in the original customer script if they are correctly cited or circumscribed. Check the definition of plagiarism at your university for acceptable use of source material.

vs . Neither our company nor any of its affiliates and / or partners is responsible for the unethical, inappropriate, illegal, or otherwise unlawful use of the products and / or other written materials obtained from the website. This includes plagiarism, lawsuits, poor evaluation, removal, academic probation, loss of grants / awards / grants / awards / titles / functions, failure, suspension or other disciplinary or judicial action. Buyers of products on the website are solely responsible for disciplinary measures that result from the improper, unethical and / or illegal use of these products.


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