Xss seed lab

SEED Lab 2. Cross-Site Scripting Attack Lab (100 Points)https://seedsecuritylabs.org/Labs_20.04/Web/Web_XSS_Elgg/After completing the assigned activities, take a screenshot showing that each has been completed. Paste these screenshots into a Microsoft Word document and submit them as evidence of completion.
I want it during tomorrow, it is necessary and I want to include pictures in every step. If the masterlab program asks you to put a name, put this name “Roaa alameen” all do with english language,Click on the word English behind word task to get instructions and stepsLook at the video link, follow it, and perform its exact steps with the same names, and these tasks are required to be implemented here I want a screenshot of each step with a simple explanation The YouTube clip will guide you and you must download the seed lab 20.04 version program , please do it within 8 hours, the delivery will be closed
You need to submit a detailed lab report, with screenshots, to describe what you have done and what you have observed. You also need to provide explanation to the observations that are interesting or surprising. Please also list the important code snippets followed by explanation. Simply attaching code without any explanation will not receive credits.

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Xss seed lab
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