come up with a definition of collaboration that encompasses the purpose, goals, and objectives of working together on a project. To help you develop an understanding of what it means to collaborate and what team actions help collaborations to be successful, read the following articles and answer the following questions.
How Workplace Collaboration Can Change Your Company (Links to an external site.)
Collaboration Definition, Skills, and Examples (Links to an external site.)
The Virtual Work Skills You Need — Even If You Never Work Remotely (Links to an external site.)
Define workplace collaboration.
Why collaborate? What are the benefits?
List at least five characteristics and/or criteria for a successful collaboration? What actions do team members need to take to achieve collaborative goals?
Post your definition and actions list to the discussion board and comment on at least two of your peers posts. Look at the similarities and differences between your work and the work of your peers. Do you see elements of their definitions and lists that should be taken into account? In your opinion, what actions in your peers’ lists are the most important actions for ensuring success, and why?

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