writing the manuscript of this reasearch project


The title of this paper will be  the outcomes of bladder augmentation and urinary diversion procedures in patients with benign lower urinary tract conditions  it was originally  2 abstracts (patients with neurogenic bladder and patients with non-malignant , non neurogenic bladder), both abstracts will be combined in a single paper under benign lower urinary tract conditions as patients with cancer bladder were excluded from this study  I will write the methods section in this study. The introduction should refer to the indications  of bladder augmentation and urinary diversion procedures , symptoms of neurogenic bladder and other conditions that are listed in the attached documents  In the results and discussion ,  the primary outcomes reported will be  the early and late outcomes of surgeries in all cases and the secondary outcomes will be outcomes in patients with neurogenic bladder  vs non -neurogenic bladder AND the outcomes in different categories stratified  by surgery type .  In the attached documents , data of each group  are represented in 2 sheets ; the first sheet for demographics and the second for outcomes of surgeries in  different categories  I also attached the 2 abstracts that were done for this project. NB ; In  bladder augmentation only there is no stoma ,hence no stomal complications to be reported , wound complications include wound dehiscence , recurrent wound infection ,sinus formation

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writing the manuscript of this reasearch project
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