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Write two reflections, each reflection for 1.5 pages. * one is about math fieldwork reflection * another is about science fieldwork reflection Pretend you have participated in online courses at a primary school in China. ( I am a Chineses, don’t talk about I am a foreigner something) the following sentences are some details you can talk in reflections: *Math: 4th grade, learning equation. (such as X+5=20) *Science: 4th grade, learning photosynthesis *every class in China primary school is 45 minutes *you helped teachers(math and science) to collect and evaluate the homework from students. *you helped teachers to mediate and control the rules in the class. *you have participated in Math online classes for 12 hours, Science online classes for 10.5 hours. (The requirements is 10 hours, you can just say over 10 hours or in details, both fine) *Talked about what you learned in this experience. (from the other teachers)

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Write two reflections Fieldwork Assignment | Get Paper Help
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