Write essay about ph relate to muscle | Homework Help

Write a 450 words essay about PH relate to muscle

Writing assignment: “Biochemical Connections”

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Write essay about ph relate to muscle | Homework Help
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Write about a topic you are interested in that is somehow linked to something we discussed in class or you read in the textbook. Do some research on your topic and provide references for any information you present. Your audience will be your classmates (other science majors in upper division courses). For example, if you are interested in weight lifting, you can connect that to our discussion of pH and research the link between pH levels in muscle during anaerobic exercise. Your topic must be explicitly connected to something we covered in lecture, and you must explain that connection well to get a good grade. One of the points of this assignment is for me to see what you are interested in, so pick something you will enjoy researching and writing about. Feel free to post ideas on Piazza and I can tell you if they are suitable.


In Peerceptiv, after the review phase, the author is given an opportunity to rate – or back evaluate – the specificity and helpfulness of each review. This is a factor in the algorithms to hold students accountable for the quality of their reviews.


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