Write about an intriguing or unusual place, person, or activity

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Write about an intriguing or unusual place, person, or activity. This means you could pick a place that is visible and researchable online or from where you are sheltered. It could be an activity recently observed such as grocery shopping, attending a party, eating a meal that is impacted by COVID-19 realities. If you choose this third option, be sure to connect conclusions to research
rather than just a recent article. Why? Because the article is reactionary while research could provide insight into
the behaviors observed from experts in sociology or psychology for instance?
Research the subject, gathering detailed information from observation (in person or video feed) and present that information in a clear, logical way that is entertaining as well as informative.
Analyze the information you have gathered about
the subject so you can give readers insight into the subjects cultural meaning and importance.
Note, making these conclusions is a great place to bring in research from a cultural historian or related expert.
Consider your essay through these considerations Note: These do not need to be directly addressed and answered. They can be…Implicit
1. Is there history of this person, place, or activity that can help understanding?
2. Is there ways to compare or contrast my subject with ideas my reader may be able to understand
easier. For example, if writing about your Grandmother, are there other “grandmother” types in the media that would help us understand that subject?
3. Did you connect your analysis back to concepts of cultural significance and meaning?
4. Did you successful use one or more Habits of Mind?

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Write about an intriguing or unusual place, person, or activity
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