Write a research paper on physical therapy. | Homework Help

I have a 7 page research paper on physical therapy due by 3 pm this upcoming Wednesday . 12 font ,Times new roman,double spaced . The paper can be about the physical therapy profession in general but should also include some personal information on my reason for choosing Physcial therapy being my moms battle with health problems and my want the help others.

Few things that should be touched on ( they can be made up from your own perspective since the teacher does not know me personally, i just need the paper to have a few things that will make it feel authentic .)

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Write a research paper on physical therapy. | Homework Help
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•My current enrollment in El Paso community college for kenisiology and next year transfer to UTEP to continue my degree in physical therapy.

•Plans on moving to California after graduating for better buinsess opportunities.

•A passion for Lifting weights and eating healthy leading me towards a physical career

•Plans on one day opening my own firm Around family In San Diego .

Everything else about the research paper can be filled in and constructed however you please as long as it’s informative and delivered well . Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you .


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