Write a paper about hepatic carcinoma | Homework Help

Cancer Biology Paper-

Topic: Hepatic Carcinoma (or other liver cancer)

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Write a paper about hepatic carcinoma | Homework Help
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General Requirements and format:

This report is to be aliterature-based review incorporatingmaterial from scientific articles and journal publications (e.g. Nature, Science, Cell, Molecular and Cellular Biology, etc) available in the library. Web-based sources may be included, however, these cannot occupy more than one-half of the total references. Topic will be assigned above. The report should be five single-spaced pages in length and should contain at least 30 referencesin total (at least 15 of scientific articles and journals; at most 15 of Web-based source; electric journals are also counts for scientific articles)to be listed at the end (references are not included in the page limit). Reference sources must be appropriately cited within the text. Two figures may be included, but these cannot occupy more than half a page.

What must be included:

The review should begin by describing the clinical and histopathologicalfeature of the malignancy, in aIDition to metastasis to secondary organs and tissues. The known or suspected etiology of neoplastic cellular transformation and genetic/hereditary factor(if any) should be discussed with respect to tumor aggressiveness and clinicaloutcome. Finally, therapeuticapproaches and current treatment modalities should be mentioned, along with their effectiveness and regression rates.


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