World Problem in 19th Century Assignment | Online Assignment

3. The notion of “art for art sake” arises in the late 19 th century as a response to social and economic developments that create a new bourgeois for art. Elaborate on the key developments. Why is it important at this point for avant-garde artists to stress the autonomy of the artist and the art object? What do these artists fear will happen should art be deprived of this autonomy?

13. In what sense is Roland Barthes justified in making the rhetorical claim of the death of the author? Explain the basic concept of the essay.

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World Problem in 19th Century Assignment | Online Assignment
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19. Comment on the significance of the title “The Metamorphosis.”
Who is to blame for Gregor’s metamorphosis? Why does the metamorphosis take place? What is the main idea of the novel?

20. Write 2 paragraph describing Gregor’s private thoughts and emotions, and explain how these thoughts and feelings express his attitude toward his family and the outside world.


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