Workplace health and safety standards

Extra Credit (Lean Thinking – Report) by James Womack andDaniel Jones – 0743249275

Instructions:This assignment requires the students to summarize the main themes of the book (2 pages) and to apply the main themes to real experiences in previous jobs(2 pages). The total paper should be 3 to 4 pages (Max!) excluding a cover page (double space)

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Workplace health and safety standards
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References & Citations: You should only cite and reference from the book, no other sources are to be used.


I am a logistics & warehouse manager. Below is the description of my job & responsibilities sourced from “”. Please use them for the final 2 pages.

Warehouse managers oversee the efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of a range of goods. Responsible for a vital part of the supply chain process, you’ll manage people, processes and systems in order to ensure goods are received and dispatched appropriately, and that productivity targets are met.

You’ll also be responsible for workplace health and safety standards and for the security of the building and stock. Specialist warehouses may store temperature-controlled products, such as food and pharmaceuticals, and hazardous materials.


As a warehouse manager, you’ll need to:

  • liaise with customers, suppliers and transport companies
  • coordinate and monitor the receipt, order, assembly and dispatch of goods
  • use space and mechanical handling equipment efficiently, making sure quality, budgetary targets and environmental objectives are met
  • have a clear understanding of the company’s policies and vision and how the warehouse contributes to these
  • coordinate the use of automated and computerised systems where necessary
  • respond to and deal with customer communication by email and telephone
  • keep stock control systems up to date and make sure inventories are accurate
  • plan future capacity requirements
  • organise the recruitment and training of staff, as well as monitoring staff performance and progress
  • motivate, organise and encourage teamwork within the workforce to ensure productivity targets are met or exceeded
  • produce regular reports and statistics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • brief team leaders on a daily basis
  • visit customers to monitor the quality of service they are receiving
  • maintain standards of health and safety, hygiene and security in the work environment, for example, ensuring that stock such as chemicals and food are stored safely
  • oversee the planned maintenance of vehicles, machinery and equipment
  • where appropriate, oversee the maintenance and operation of warehouse management systems and automated storage and retrieval systems.


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