Work Life balance


Steps I need for the essay and A title that has to do with Work Life balance as well.  1.) Situation, or your introduction to the background of the problem. 2. )Problem, or your description of the specifics of the problem and why it should be addressed.  3.) Solution, or your proposed answer to the problem.  4.) Evaluation, or an overview of your previously stated ideas along with a call for action. Sometimes problem solution essay will address more than one problem, but this move is only effective when the multiple problems lie within the same realm — otherwise, you will find it hard to focus on the solutions to the problems.     I need all of this in my paper as well.  1.)   Identify and explain the problem using concise language and providing the examples for a better understanding of the issue.  2.)  Investigate the origins of the problem and how it has appeared in society.   3.) Explain why you believe the problem is important and needs to be solved.  4.) Paint a complete picture of the consequences of the problem if society fails to solve the problem.  5.) Demonstrate the possible outcome of the problem; this part will function as a call to action for your audience.

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Work Life balance
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