Why would these factors lead to an epidemic | Homework Help

Question: Please help answering all of the questions

The social structure and behavior of chimps in their communities or troops suggest many questions. What research questions might Dr. Hahn and her associates ask?

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Why would these factors lead to an epidemic | Homework Help
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– Choose one of the research questions from above and consider it in more detail. Based upon the question, what would be a reasonable hypothesis?

– Based upon this hypothesis, what types of data might the scientists collect and for what reasons? How would these data allow Dr. Hahn to test the proposed hypothesis?

– Dr. Hahn and her associates are specifically collecting fecal pellets. Why do you think Dr. Hahn is interested in the contents of fecal pellets? Generate a list of the possible “contents” of fecal matter.

– How might the social structure of the chimpanzee community influence what is contained in the fecal matter? How might chimp social interactions influence what is contained in the fecal pellets or how they are distributed on the forest floor?

What is it about chimpanzee society that may have contributed to the spread of the siv virus?

If the virus found in captive Western chimpanzees is the same virus found in wild Western chimpanzees, how would you be able to verify this? What types of techniques might be employed?

What types of data would be desired? What might scientists gain from knowing the location of the origin of hiv?

How might siv have “jumped” from a chimpanzee to a human? Outline the series of events that would have led to the origin of hiv from an siv ancestor.

What methodology might Dr. Hahn use to detect the siv in the fecal droppings? (Hint: it is the same way that we test humans for the presence of hiv.)

The researchers are engaged in field, or basic, science. They are studying the virus and collecting data in order to more fully understand the virus: knowledge for the sake of understanding. What value do you place in this type of research? Explain your thoughts.

1. Define evolution. There are many parameters and conditions that need to be in place in order for evolution to occur. One such parameter is that the population trait in question must be variable. i.e., there will be variations of a trait found in the population. What are some aIDitional parameters and conditions necessary for evolution to take place?

2. Define microevolution. How does a selective agent lead to microevolution within a population?

3. Dr. Hahn and her colleague Dr. Gould believe that the fact that aids appeared as an epidemic in the ??th century and not before is due to a combination of factors such as more roads providing greater access to forested areas, urbanization, prostitution, social disruption, and other socio-behavioral changes. Why would these factors lead to an epidemic?

4. The team of researchers found different prevalence of siv in the different chimpanzee communities. What is the significance of this finding?

5. Distinguish between applied science and basic science. Is one more important to society than the other or are they equally important? Explain your answer.


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