Why is Evolution Important to Anthropologists?


  • Read Chapter 2 “Why is Evolution Important to Anthropologists?” (pgs. 31-59 in textbook)
  • Read “The Evolution of Life on Earth” by Stephen Jay Gould (pgs. 92-100)
  • Watch video “Natural Selection – Crash Course Biology #14”

Post to online discussion forum for week 2 (by Wednesday, January 22nd)

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Why is Evolution Important to Anthropologists?
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In his article, Stephen Jay Gould points out that Darwin’s natural selection only goes so far when explaining the evolution of life on earth.  According to Gould, what is one of the pitfalls of natural selection?  You may critique natural selection in terms of its bias or ability to explain the fossil record as discussed by Gould.  Although duplication is impossible to avoid, try to highlight a facet in the article not mentioned in your classmates’ posts.


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