What was the yield for fraction 2 | Homework Help

Suppose that you conducted a tissue fractionation and that you collected aliquots at each step. Suppose that in step one you suspended tissue in 100 ml buffer then homogenized the tissue. You centrifuged the homogenate to yield a solid fraction (fraction 12, the pellet) and a liquid fraction (fraction 2, the supernatant). Fraction 2 (volume 94 milliliters) contains small organelles, membrane vesicles, and soluble protein from the cytoplasm of the cells making up the tissue. Fraction 2 volume is less than 100 milliliters because you removed solid material (fraction 1) from the original suspension. You took an aliquot of 5.0 milliliters of fraction 2, conducted a protein assay, and estimated a concentration of 16 milligrams/milliliter. What was the yield for fraction 2?

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What was the yield for fraction 2 | Homework Help
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