What signs and symptoms should you be looking for | Homework Help


Your clinic patient has been newly diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease. He tells you that his legs hurt when he walks more that one city block. He asks you to explain his disease and why his legs hurt. How will you explain these things to him in lay terms?

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What signs and symptoms should you be looking for | Homework Help
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Your patient has been admitted to the hospital with deep vein thrombosis (DVT). He suIDenly develops sharp chest pain and has difficulty breathing. Based on his admission diagnosis, what complication of DVT might he be experiencing? Explain the pathophysiology of how this complication develops.

You have been asked to talk with a community group about risk factors for development of hypertension. What are the risk factors? What can you teach this group about actions that can be taken to reduce risk factors?
Your mother has been diagnosed with primary hypertension. Her latest blood pressure was 164/93. Classify her hypertension according to the “Seventh Report of the Joint National Committee” and explain in your own words the etiology of primary hypertension.

You are a healthcare student working at a health fair in a local mall. A man approaches your booth and tells you that he is having chest pain and is afraid that he is having a heart attack. What actions should you take? What questions can you ask him? What signs and symptoms should you be looking for?


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