What significant about the Pink Umbrella Bakery

1) This business clearly has an inspiring story-but as it grows, it needs to consider a variety of issues:
—Name 4 specific of issues the bakery did not have to deal with as a “home based bakery” that is now has with a storefront? What consider issues such as legal/regulatory, financial and marketing.
2) To sustain the bakery, what financial considerations would be important. Please name 5 things you would think about if you owned this business.
3) It appears that initially, Heather grew the business with her own funds (at home, through sales) then a Kickstarter campaign. If she is going to grow, how should she grow:
-Financially-using equity or debt (you can supplement that with sources from the internet).
-With marketing and promotions
-Leveraging/controlling and managing operations
4) Review the Growth Risk Assessment Tool-what specific risks do you think Heather will encounter as she follows your proposed growth plan-and what would you recommend that she do to manage/mitigate those risks. Again, for each risk you cite/suggestion to manage it-link it to a source.
Please use the resources provided, a 5 minute video, company website and a 1 minute read of a news article.
If you choose to supplement your answers with relevant source from the internet, that’s fine but please cite those sources.

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What significant about the Pink Umbrella Bakery
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