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A 22-year-old Honduran woman presents to an urgent care center complaining of a rash and joint pains in the wrists and knees for 2 days. Her rash was preceded by 3 days with a fever, malaise, headache, mild conjunctivitis, mild cough, and lymphadenopathy. Her rash began on her forehead and face and spread downward onto the trunk and extremities. She has had a new sexual partner for the past 3 months and does not use birth control. The patient has mild asthma and uses an albuterol inhaler as needed (PRN). The patients vital signs are: T 38.2oC BP 110/68 HR 100 RR 22 She has a rash consisting of numerous small, pink, maculopapular lesions on her face, neck, torso, and proximal extremities. Most of the lesions are discrete, but over her chest, they are coalescent. Palms and soles are spared. She has tender adenopathy in the cervical, postauricular, and occipital regions. Her abdomen is mildly tender with a palpable spleen tip. enlarged three times its normal size. Her uterus is palpable just below her umbilicus. She has mild diffuse swelling and tenderness of her wrists and knees. Labs indicate mild lymphocytosis with a few atypical lymphocytes, otherwise normal. A urine pregnancy test is positive. Titers indicate an acute viral infection. 1. What disease does this patient have? 2. What risks does this infection pose to the woman? 3. What risks does this infection pose to the fetus? 4. What could have been done to prevent this infection?

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What risks does this infection pose to the woman | Homework Help
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