What professional growth opportunities do they offer | Homework Help

Question 1: Marketing in healthcare is certainly a developing art and science. Just one generation ago, it was seen as improper for healthcare professionals to advertise at all! Now, in most circumstances, they truly must advertise and effectively market their services in order to survive. As director of marketing and development for a modern hospital or clinic, how would you set about developing a “brand” for your hospital and promoting that brand in your market area?
Question 2: How would you describe the purpose of internal consulting in a modern healthcare organization? As CEO, CEO, or senior manager, what steps would you take in implementing internal consulting for your own healthcare facility?
Question 3: Review the website of the Healthcare Financial Management Association:

What is the role of this organization in modern healthcare leadership? What professional growth opportunities do they offer their members? Would you personally consider a career path involving Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)? Why, or why not?
Question 4: Did this course meet your expectations? What did you like the best about this course? What suggestions can you offer to improve this course?

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What professional growth opportunities do they offer | Homework Help
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