What might have caused the suIDen attack | Homework Help

Q1. The proteins RhaA and RhaB are formed by the Rha Operon. Find out that there is a regulator protein Rha O that binds to the Rha operator sequence and activates transcription of the Rha operon. Rha O is encoded by a separate gene.

You find a mutant bacteria cell that is able to express a normal RhaA protein but no RhaB protein. You isolate mRNA from the bacteria and find that there are normal levels of both RhaA and ThaB mRNA. List two possible mutations that might cause this phenotype. Be as specific as possible about the location of mutation.

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What might have caused the suIDen attack | Homework Help
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Q2. Sami has been hospitalized with acute gastritis. Her symptoms were epigastric pressure (just above the stomach), headache, nausea, and vomiting. She revealed that she had been suffering back pain and drank four shots of gin and took three aspirin to “kill the pain.” What led physician to make this diagnosis, and what might have caused the suIDen attack?


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