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Bioengineering Scoring Guide.
Source Evaluation Form – Journals
Search on the Internet or in the Capella library and find an article about a specific genetically modified organism. Following is a short list of genetically modified items to get you started but you are welcome to choose topics outside of this.

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What message is the author trying to communicate | Homework Help
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Read the article and write a summary of its contents and explain why you chose it. Include the following in your summary:

Identify the article you read, providing a reference citation in APA format.
Highlight the main points presented in the article. What message is the author trying to communicate?
Explain the gene of interest, name the organism into which it is inserted, and describe the intended result.
Discuss the pros and cons of this technology.
Discuss what other sources of information say about the same concepts presented in the article. Are there discrepancies between the information in the article and that from other sources?
Your article should be from a reputable source.



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