What makes a good & effective Leader.


Essay of around 2000 to 2500 words on “What makes a good & effective Leader”. The essay should cover the following: i)                    Leadership aspects through the habits of great thinkers and leaders of the past such as Plato, Chanakya, Nicolo Machiavelli and Socrates Plato’s – criteria for a good leader ·       Prudence (as wisdom) ·       Justice (as fairness) ·       Temperance (as moderation/restraint) ·       Courage (as fortitude/resilience)   Chanakya -5 qualities a leader must possess    ·       Drudhachitta  (Power of concentration). ·        Shilavan(Character),  ·        Pragna (Thinking Capability),  ·       Vangmi (Communications Skills),  ·       Daksha (Observation/Vigilance).   Machiavellian – A Leader should be ·       Being Feared ·       Support of the Governed ·       Virtue ·       Using One’s Own Arms ·       Intelligence   Socrates – Leadership Styles ·       Socratic method, or elenchus ·       Socratic Questioning       ii)                   Leadership examples that can be used to explain a good leader a.       Mahatma Gandhi    b. Adolf Hitler     c. Martin Luther King iii)                  Features/virtues of a Leader that can be overlooked but are important   iv)                 Conclusion Note: Essay should be plagiarism free

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What makes a good & effective Leader.
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