What is your null hypothesis-alternative hypothesis | Homework Help

The cane toad is an introduced amphibian that has now spreadthroughout the subtropical regions of Australia from its originalsite of introduction near Townsville. Its life cycle involves eggsin frog spawn that are laid in water bodies, hatch into tadpolesand then metamorphose into adult toads. Conservationists suspectthat its potential distribution in Australia will be determined bya lack of tolerance for low temperatures. Design a feasible andeconomical experiment to investigate at how low a temperature thecane toad can complete its life cycle.

Now i dont have to actually conduct an experiment, I just needthese questioned answered.

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What is your null hypothesis-alternative hypothesis | Homework Help
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Question 1
What is the alternative hypothesis?

Question 2
What is your null hypothesis (must have ‘no’ or‘not’ in statement)?

Question 3
What dependent (response) variable will you measure?

Question 4
What independent variable will you test?

Question 5
What variables will you control and how?

Question 6
What variables will you randomise instead?

Question 7
What is your experimental (test) treatment?

Question 8
What is your control treatment (treatment with predictableresults)?

Question 9
With what part of the frog life cycle will you start?
Where will you collect them?

Question 10
How many replicate frogs/tadpoles/eggs will you require?

Question 11
Where will you conduct the experiment?

Question 12
How long will the experiment take?

Question 13
What will you record? On what scale? To what accuracy?

Question 14
What will you compare? What statistical test will you use?

Question 15
What results would you need to obtain to disprove your nullhypothesis?


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