What is this resemblance an instance of | Homework Help

Q1. How does the theory of evolution explain superficial similarities between insect wings and bird wings? What is this resemblance an instance of? Why are the wings also different?

Q2. In Guinea pigs, black hair (B) is dominant over white (b), rough coat texture (R) is dominant over smooth (r), and short hair (S) is dominant over long hair (s). If we were to cross a homozygous black, rough, short-haired Guinea pig (BBRRSS) and a white, smooth, long-haired Guinea pig (bbrrss) resulting F1 generation would be BbRrSs. Your assignment, if you want to accept this, is to cross two of the F1 offspring and complete Punnett square for this cross and then write the resulting genotype and phenotypes. This must be 100 percent completely done for any extra credit. Your cross will be: BbRrSs x BbRrSs.

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What is this resemblance an instance of | Homework Help
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