What is this micro biologist setting up | Homework Help

Q1. If substance is less concentrated outside a cell than inside the cell in which direction is that substance probable to diffuse across the cell membrane?

Q2. A clinical microbiologist makes serial dilutions of several antimicrobials in broth, and then incubates each drug dilution series with a standard amount of a patient’s isolated pathogen. What is this micro biologist setting up?

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What is this micro biologist setting up | Homework Help
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Q3. In birds, sex is determined by a ZW chromosome scheme that is much like the typical XY scheme seen in humans and many other organisms, except that the system is reversed: Males are ZZ (similar to XX in humans) and females are ZW (like to XY in humans). A lethal recessive allele that causes death of the embryo occurs on the Z chromosome in pigeons. What will be the sex ratio in offspring of a cross between a male heterozygous for the lethal allele and a normal female?


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