What is the voltage of side b relative to side a | Homework Help

Two solutions are separated by a semipermeable membrane that is permeable to sodium but not chloride or potassium ions. Solution A on the left contains a solution that is 100 mM NaCl, while Solution B on the right has a concentration of sodium chloride of 1 mM.

There is an electrode in both solutions, and a comparative assessment of voltages between the two compartments is being made. The investigator doing the study decides to call side A ground potential (or, in other words, defines it as 0).

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What is the voltage of side b relative to side a | Homework Help
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What is the value for the sodium equilibrium potential in this condition? (show how you calculate this)

In one sentence, describe why it has a positive or negative value.

What would be the value of the chloride equilibrium potential? (show how you calculate this)

What is the voltage of side B relative to side A?

Does the chloride equilibrium potential contribute significantly to the voltage actually being measured by the investigator? Why or why not (one sentence)?


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