What is the species and why is it endangered | Homework Help

Write an essay for the CASE STUDY on the role of conservation genetics in the preservation of biodiversity. Find an article (journal preferred, but reliable news source acceptable) about that focuses on private landowners and conservation biology. Much of the land, and many of the rare, threatened, or endangered species in the U.S. are found on private lands. Present a summary of the article and also share what you learned while searching for your article about how conservation is being done on these lands. What did you learn about this topic this week?

Be sure to answer the following questions:
1) What is the species and why is it endangered?
2) What are the consequences of reduced genetic variability?
3) What are some of the factors affecting genetics in this species?
4) What conservation strategies are being used to preserve genetic diversity and why?
5) Are the actions described feasible and reasonable?

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What is the species and why is it endangered | Homework Help
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Remember to cite your work properly and to use scientific facts and data to support your work. In other words, I expect at least 5 cited sources to be used, including, at a minimum, three published journal articles as references.



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