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Q1. Each operator in lac operon is 21 base pairs long and all three are in close proximity. This cannot be coincidence since the chance of finding a particular 21 base pair DNA sequence is low. Make the statement that there is an equal number of all four bases (A, T, C, G) and that the sequence of bases is random, how often will a single operator be expected to appear by chance?

1 in 4 bases
1 in 44 (256) bases
1 in 421 (4.4 x 1012) bases
1 in 21 bases
1 in 214 (194 481) bases

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What is the prescribed treatment | Homework Help
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Q2. A 21-year old presents with 3-day duration of discomfort on urination and increased urinary frequency. She has noted her urine has the strong odor, other than denies fever, abdominal pain, back pain, vaginal discharge, or skin rash. She is sexually active and takes oral contraceptive pills. Urine sample is positive for bacteria- Gram negative rods.

What is the causative agent of the disease described?

What is the disease?

What is the prescribed treatment?

What factors or clues lead you to this diagnosis?


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