What is the possible evolutionary reason | Homework Help

Q1. Bioluminescent what is Bioluminescence? Understanding the Bioluminescence Equation Who are the Bioluminescent Organisms? The Ecological Significance of Bioluminescence how does Bioluminescence relate to microbial ecology? What is Bioluminescence? Oxidation reaction of molecular oxygen with FMNH2 and a long-chain aldehyde to give FMN, water and corresponding fatty acid. The colour of the light produced depends on whether the organism is terrestrial or aquatic. Terrestrial organisms- red, yellow or green light that are the bioluminescent organisms?

Q2. Illustrate the environmental conditions that would favour sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction in Hydra. What is the possible evolutionary reason for having two different reproductive strategies?

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What is the possible evolutionary reason | Homework Help
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