What is correct order of these three genes on xchromosome | Homework Help

In Drosophila melanogaster the recessive w allele confers stripedwhen homozygous in females or hemizygous in males. The recessive vallele confers eyespot eye when homozygous in females or hemizygousin males. M and B formed some wild type females flutes thatconsistently produced offspring with a 2:1 female: male ratio andconcluded that the 2:1 ratio was due to a recessive allele calledI. They matched a wild type female that was heterozygote for thelethal allele with a stripped, eyespot male. They selected F1females that were heterozygous for the lethal allele with astripped, eyespot male. Among the F2 progeny, M and B, 2656 femalesand 1259 males.

1. Using chi square Morgan’s hypothesize that the male femalesratio is due to segregation of a recessive lethat allele on the Xchromosome. What is the probability level that is closet to yourchi square statistic?

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What is correct order of these three genes on xchromosome | Homework Help
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Among F2 males, they observed the following numbers ofindividuals
wild type 6 stripped 227 eyespot 124  stripped eyespot 902

Are w, v, and I in coupling conformation in the F1 female or is onein repulsion to the other two?

What is the correct order of these three genes on the Xchromosome?

What is the genetic distance in cM between w and I?


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