What is a polymorphonuclear neutrophil | Homework Help

1. Pattern recognition receptors (PRR) include:

A. Lectin-like molecules.

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What is a polymorphonuclear neutrophil | Homework Help
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B. Lipoteichoic acid.



E. Unmethylated CpG sequences.

2. The mononuclear phagocyte system does not include:

A. Endothelial cells.

B. Kidney mesangial cells.

C. Kupffer cells.

D. Lymph node medullary macrophages.

E. Monocytes.

3. A polymorphonuclear neutrophil (PMN):

A. Is a bone marrow stem cell.

B. Is closely similar to a mast cell.

C. Contains microbicidal cytoplasmic granules.

D. Is not a professional phagocytic cell.

E. Has granules which stain with eosin.

4. Lysozyme:

A. Is a cytoplasmic organelle.

B. Activates complement.

C. Is a proteolytic enzyme.

D. Splits peptidoglycan.

E. Is released by mast cells.

5. Which of the following is not an acute phase protein:

A. Chondroitin sulfate.

B. C-reactive protein.

C. Fibrinogen.

D. Mannose binding lectin.

E. Serum amyloid P component.

6. Interferons:

A. Are divided into 5 main families.

B. Are found only in mammalian species.

C. Are specific for individual viruses.

D. Induce enzyme synthesis in the target cell.

E. Only affect infected cells.

7. Natural killer (NK) cells do not:

A. Contain perforin.

B. Contain serine proteases.

C. Contain tumor necrosis factor (TNF).

D. Kill only by damaging the target cell outer membrane.

E. Respond to interferon.

8. Clonal selection occurs when antigen is encountered by:

A. Basophils

B. Eosinophils

C. Mast cells

D. Neutrophils

E. T-cells

9. After the contact with foreign antigens, body produces specific antibody. These specific antibodies are readily detectable in serum following primary contact with antigen after:

A. 10 min

B. 1 h

C. 5-7 days

D. 3-5 weeks

E. Only following a second contact with antigen

10. Adoptive transfer of acquired immune responsiveness involves the transfer of:

A. Antibody

B. Complement

C. Phagocytes

D. Lymphocytes

E. Serum


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