What information might a doctor want before prescribing | Homework Help


1. Looking at Table 7-2 (below) on page 449 of the manual, why might penicillin resistance be more common than tetracycline resistance?

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What information might a doctor want before prescribing | Homework Help
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2. What information (other than Kirby-Bauer results) might a doctor want before prescribing one of these medications to a patient? What might a pharmacist ask before filling the prescription? Do NOT tell me what a researcher would want.

3. Hypothetical results to interpret: If you had tested Staphylococcus and your results were zones of inhibition as follows: C 30 = 16 mm, S = 16 mm, TE = 17 mm, and P 10 = 25 mm, which antibiotic would you prescribe and why (include why you would not choose the others in your explanation)?

4. Table 7-3 (below) in the manual has different standards for effectiveness for tetracycline and trimethoprim depending on the type organism being tested. Why might the genus Staphylococcus have a different level of sensitivity to drugs than the members of the family Enterobacteriaceae?

5. We did not use the McFarland standard to do the testing. What is the purpose of the McFarland standard? Why would using the standard give us more accurate results regarding the effectiveness of the antibiotics?

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