What improper method led to this infection | Homework Help

Q1. Between March 2 and April10, five chronic peritoneal dialysis patients at one hospital became infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Four patients developed peritonitis (inflammation of the abdominal cavity), and one developed the skin infection at the catheter insertion site. All patients with peritonitis had low- grade fever, cloudy peritoneal fluid, and abdominal pain. All patients had permanent indwelling peritoneal catheters that the nurse wiped with gauze that had been soaked with an iodophor solution each time the catheter was connected to or disconnected from the machine tubing. Aliquots of iodophor were transferred from stock bottles to small in- use bottles. Cultures from dialysate concentrate and the internal areas of the dialysis machines were negative; iodophor from a small in- use plastic container yielded a pure culture of P. aeruginosa. What improper method led to this infection?

Q2. In comparing the genomes of humans and those of our higher primates, it is seen that humans have a large metacentric pair we call chromosome among our 46 chromosomes, while the other primates of this group have 48 chromosomes and any pair like the human pair is not present; in its place the primate groups each have two pairs of midsize acrocentric chromosomes. What is the most possible explanation?

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What improper method led to this infection | Homework Help
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