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Q. Some Caminalcules went extinct without leaving descendents. In the real world, what factors may enhance or reduce the probability of a species going extinct?

Find out one instance of convergent evolution among the Caminalcules. This means finding cases where two or more species have a similar characteristic that evolved independently in each lineage. The wings of bats, birds and bees are an example of convergence since the three groups did not inherit the characteristic from their common ancestor. Write your answers in complete sentences (as in “Species x and y both have but their most recent common ancestor, z, did not”).

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What factors may enhance or reduce the probability | Homework Help
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Express one example of vestigial structures that you can find among the Caminalcules. These are structures that have been reduced to the point that they are virtually useless. Ear muscles and the tailbones are examples of vestigial structures in our own species.

Describe how vestigial structures provide clues about a species’ evolutionary past. Illustrate the argument with vestigial structures found in humans or other real species.


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