what are some important elements of the disability?


According to the resources assigned for this week, what are some important elements of the disability experience? In your response, be sure to consider several of the following:

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what are some important elements of the disability?
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  • Internalized oppression.
  • Similarities and differences in the ways people experience life with a disability.
  • Elements of a political disability identity and attitudes of those who engage in political action to gain disability rights.
  • The connection between a political disability identity and overcoming and/ or combating internalized oppression.
  • Elements of the course resources that challenged your previous beliefs about the disability experience.


Also, watch the video:

My Song (video): Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKEjo9pmBA4&list=FLbqgJvoX3pCsEshpMDis0_Q

Look for examples of the following themes while viewing the video:

  • Disabled/nondisabled binary;
  • Being deaf versus Deaf – When Deaf is written with a “D” to describe a person  it signifies the person identifies as being part of the  Deaf culture and Deafness is a prideful part of who they are. When  “deaf”   with a  lowercase   “d”  is used  it signifies the person has a hearing impairment. It does not signify the person’s association with  Deaf culture.
  • Fitting into neither Deaf culture nor hearing culture
  • Pressure to assimilate to normality
  • The liminality of disability


Please follow APA FORMAT


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