Weekly Entry for “In the Absence of Work”, November 12


WEEKLY ENTRY for Hunnicutt and Sandel Hunnicutt 1.       Why did Kellogg want to implement the six-hour day?  2.       Why did the Union and workers want the six-hour day? 3.       Why did certain workers want a return to the eight-hour day?  4.       What happened to parks during the six-hour regime, and what happened to parks during the eight-hour regime?  5.       If you had the choice – a real choice that includes a good salary either way – would you choose more work or more free time?  What would happen if everyone made the same choice as you?  Explain. Sandel 1.       On page 198, Sandel claims that “work is both economic and cultural. It is a way of making a living and also a source of social recognition and esteem.” a.       Explain what he means by this claim. Do you agree or disagree with the claim? Explain. 2.       Sandel also argues that, “The way a society honors and rewards work is central to the way it defines the common good.” He then encourages readers to answer this question: “What counts as a valuable contribution to the common good, and what do we owe one another as citizens?” a.       First, do you agree or disagree with the first claim? Explain. b.       Second, give your answer to his question. 3.       What, according to Sandel, is “contributive justice”?

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Weekly Entry for “In the Absence of Work”, November 12
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