Week 4 team paper

Week 4 team paper. This paper is Team paper week 2- 9 weeks. Current is week 4.

As a team we chose South Africa as the country that our paper will be about.

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Week 4 team paper
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Its team work. My par part is response to write about  highlighted part of topic list below

Every one picked topic from the bottom list.FOR my part focus Yellow highlighted part from the topic list below.2 pages, APA style, pages, 3/ more scholarly references. Use the attached pdf as needed.

Address a minimum of Four sustainability challenges, incorporate detail and supporting evidence of each.

All must include the context of economic, social and environmental implications if South Africa chooses to not address these issues.

Possible sustainability challenges, In-depth Analysis

  • address poverty and reduce inequality-the poor are the most vulnerable to the impact of change, have the least ability to influence change, corruption, employment in rural vs urban areas, investment opportunities– done by other student
  • Education-access to and specific to sustainability initiatives– done by other student
  • Infrastructure expansion-transportation/utilities expansion leads to damage from deforestation and pollution– done by other student
  • Access to resources-basic human services/ quality of healthcare/transportation/stable housing– done by other student
  • Promote inclusive economy- import/export imbalance-service vs product industries creates reliance, diverse agricultural economy (SIZA), mining industry, favorable regulatory environment– MINE


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