Week 4 / Forum Discussion – Militaries and Politics

Forums / Week 4 / Forum Discussion – Militaries and Politics
Forum Discussion — Militaries and politics
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After having reviewed the Week 4 Lesson Notes and assigned course materials (listed on the
syllabus and available under Lessons=>Week 4), answer the following and discuss with your
Intervention of the military in Latin American politics appears to have been reduced significantly since
the eras of the Dirty Wars in the Southern Cone as studied in this week’s course materials and as revealed
itself in military dictatorships throughout the region during that time, if one is to measure intervention
based on proliferation of military coups. According to Ruhl, the most contemporary military coup, ”
[Honduras in 2009] was not your father’s military coup. Unlike the old-school senior officers whose
penchant for toppling governments had plagued Latin America in the 1960s and 1970s, the Honduran
generals were not acting on their on initiative in removing [the President]. Instead, they had a court order
from the nation’s highest tribunal and near-unanimous support from the National Congress” (2010, 93).
Though the methods and the outcome in Honduras were different from that of Argentina and Chile in the
1960s and 1970s, did the Honduran coup mark a break in traditional alliances (the military and oligarchy)
and reactionary interference (a backlash against unfavorable politics) that has marked the region for
centuries? Did the coup in Honduras serve to preserve or weaken democratic institutions? Do you think
that the age of military interference in Latin American politics is over? Explain your reasoning.
Your response should be no less than 300 words and is due Thursday of Week 4. Do not include
quotations, the entire response should be written in your own words. Reference relevant course
materials and be sure to cite all sources appropriately using parenthetical references. (Full
reference citations of all course materials are available on the syllabus and do not need to be
included here.)
In addition, provide three (total) substantial responses to classmates and/or a question posed by the
instructor by Sunday of Week 4.
Forum Rubric:
APUS CLE : IRLS355 I001 Win 20 : Forums 2/22/20, 5’01 PM
https://edge.apus.edu/portal/site/428434/tool/d055bacc-876a-4070-a47e-3492e98d9f57/discussionForum/message/dfAllMessages# Page 2 of 2
Content (research, use of course materials) 25
Analysis 25
Writing 10
Correct citations, few or no quotations 10
Participation (at least 3 responses) 30
Note: for full credit on participation on the forums, students must post responses to two classmates’ initial posts and
to at least one follow up on question to be eligible for full credit. You can answer a question from the
instructor (posed to anyone –the question does not have to be directed to you) or from a classmate.
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Week 4 / Forum Discussion – Militaries and Politics
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