Week 2 discussion nursing research

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As you critically evaluate a study, you must decide whether you agree or disagree with the researcher’s theoretical framework (the underlying assumption or theory that supported the formation of the hypothesis and the development of the research design). The following scenarios have two possible hypotheses, each driven by a different theory.
Choose one scenario and one hypothesis from that scenario. Identify your personal assumptions about this hypothesis and choose a nursing theory to support your assumptions. You may use information from http://www.nursing-theory.org/theories-and-models/ to help you. Defend your answer.
Scenario 1: A patient with chronic back pain requests a narcotic prescription.

1. Hypothesis: In patients with chronic back pain not caused by injury, what is the effect of eight weeks of physical therapy compared to oral narcotic medication on the patients’ perception of pain?

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Week 2 discussion nursing research
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2. Hypothesis: Are patients with chronic back pain who are denied narcotic pain medications at increased risk of depression as compared to patients on a prescribed pain regimen using oral narcotics?

Scenario 2: A diabetic patient misses several follow-up appointments.

1. Hypothesis: In patients with type 2 diabetes, does the use of an educational diabetic phone app improve compliance with appointments, diet, and medication regimens?

2. Hypothesis: Do patients with type 2 diabetes with a low economic status miss more follow-up appointments than patients with type 2 diabetes with a high economic status?


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