Week 12 – Short Comparison Essay 12 ahis 2 wst


https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/winston-churchill-quotes once said: “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Have you ever wondered where did the inspiration for building some of the most iconic architectural structures in Los Angeles come from? Let’s explore the long lasting influence of Neoclassicism on American architecture. This long essay assignment asks you to write a comparison between an Ancient Greek/Roman building and American building in Los Angeles that has been inspired by the Ancient Greek/Roman architectural tradition. Write a 2 page paper, Times New Roman font. You do not need to do outside research, although you can. Links with information are provided below.  Choose one Ancient Greece or Roman building from the list below and pair it with one building in Los Angeles. Then write a compare and contrast answer. How are the building similar?  How are they different?  Be sure to discuss function.  How is each building used?  Who uses it? What are the materials?  Architectural details? Organization of the building?  As with the other compare and contrast essays, you must discuss the works together. So if you talk about the material of one building, you need to talk about the material of the other building right after. ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE CHOICES CHOICE 1: Roman Colosseum https://smarthistory.org/the-colosseum-rome/ MODERN LOS ANGELES ARCHITECTURE CHOICES CHOICE 1: Greek Theater The Greek Theater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyv1F_rQq2I Essay has to be submitted in word or pdf format only, and written in MLA style.

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Week 12 – Short Comparison Essay 12 ahis 2 wst
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