watch documentary and answer questions


please answer those 3 questions separately!!!!  no work cited required!!!! please use simple and easy word!!! This assignment is about the PBS Frontline documentary “Generation Like’ that you need to watch before answering the questions. It is about 50 minutes long and you should take some notes while watching.  (Links to an external site.) What does the documentary suggest about how people a) are feeling about “likes” and b) how they are actually generating those likes? Describe some of the used strategies. Describe in your words what the video shows regarding how the selling/advertising of products has changed because of likes, followers, and retweets. It seems that many people “like” a great variety of things every day but that only some earn a lot of money with it (even though some of the YouTube stars in the video are not where they wanted to be today). So, likes, followers, and tweets don’t lead to any monetary success for most people. a) What are the main reasons for the majority of people to participate by providing comments to others and posting about themselves? b) What is that doing with them and our society? Is it just how life is evolving by increased online interaction with mostly positive consequences? Or what are possible negative consequences that should be considered?

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watch documentary and answer questions
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