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Wal-Mart Case Study

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Wal-Mart Case Study | Homework Help
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What threats and challenges is Wal-Mart currently facing?

What priorities did Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott set in his Wal-Mart: Twenty-First Century Leadership aIDress (24 Oct 2005)?

Wal-Mart’s Board discussed proposals to meet (some of) these challenges at a board retreat in 2005. Discuss these initiatives as outlined in the Supplemental Benefits Documentation: Board of Directors Retreat FY06€³ See also Wal-Mart health cost strategy NYT 26Oct2005. Was aIDitional damage done to Wal-Mart by the leaking to the public of the Board Benefits Strategy document?

Comment on two recent Wal-Mart initiatives from the standpoints of: a) Strategy and b) PR.

Discuss Wal-Mart’s strategic social challenges from the standpoint of Bonini, Sheila M. J.; Mendonca, Lenny T.; Oppenheim, Jeremy M. When social issues become strategic. McKinsey Quarterly. 2006 no. 2.




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