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The United States has one of the lowest voter turnouts rates in the developed world. Over the past few years, several states have passed laws to make it easier to vote, while others have passed laws to make it harder. To make voting easier, states, like Ohio and Illinois, provide for early voting, while to make it more difficult, several states require voters to present ID in order to vote.

Answer the following questions about voting. Be sure to support your answers with information from the reading in the textbook or other valid sources. Answers should not merely be personal opinions on the subject with no supporting data. Remember to read the instructions for this session regarding due dates for posts and replies.

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Voting in the united states | Homework Help
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1. Should there be some kind of ID required to vote? Explain your answer.

2. Should states allow citizens to vote early? Explain your answer.

3. Name at least two offices in Pennsylvania that are up for election in May, including the name of at least one person who is running for office?


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