Visual representation of war

1. Write a 500 words essay

-Choose a visual representation of war. This can be a painting, a still photograph, or a film. The image must be a literal depiction of warfare, though obviously that can mean many different things.

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Visual representation of war
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-Find someone to interview about this image. What does your interviewee see in the image? What meaning do they see there? Ask open ended questions like what they bring to the image? Where do these understandings come from? Are there ways in which your interviewee’s culture could be said to shape how they read the image? What parts of your interviewee’s individual life experience lead them to read the image in the way that they do, and how do you as the analyst account for those particularities?

2. Include some cultural background of the interviewer

3. Include citation + visual (if you use a film, include a screen shot of the poster)


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