Virginia Woolf, Orlando

Paper instructions

I should analyze the novel ( Virginia Woolf, Orlando/ 20th century pre-1950) in writing in a discussion essay.

( Change: Describe how the main character changes or doesn’t change throughout the novel. Give examples to support your views. Use at least two quotations from the book.)

Enter a suitable heading that matches the content of your text.

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Virginia Woolf, Orlando
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Customize your text
Remember to adapt your text to its purpose, recipient, and situation. Verify grammar, spelling and punctuation. Divide your text into paragraphs.

In the introduction, you briefly present the book and author’s name and what your essay will be about. In the dissertation, you should treat the subject – you discuss and develop your thoughts and ideas. At the end you sum up what you have discussed in your essay and also gives a brief personal reflection.

Use at least two quotes from the novel
You should include at least two quotes (max. 50 words per quote) that relate to yours
selected topic and which you discuss in the text.

• When referring to the book’s name in your essay, use italics
• When referring to the author’s name in your text, use his or her
her full name or only last name.
• If you use other sources (other books or the Internet) in yours
essay you must refer to these by specifying the source.

It should be 500 words


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