Velocities for the uncatalyzed reaction | Homework Help

We ran 3 different reactions (see A, B, and C for question 1) and then compared the variations of the yellow colroing to standards and then we tested them spectrophotometrically

Data: Visual comparison (concentrations)

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Velocities for the uncatalyzed reaction | Homework Help
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standards: 0, 12.5, 25, 50, 100, 200

uncatalyzed: 12.5 (for all 6 reactions)

wheat: 0, 25, 25, 50, 100, 200

purified acid phosphatase: 0, 25, 50, 200 (for the last 3)

Data: Spectrophotometrically compared (concentrations)

standards: .002, .107, .211, .470,. 950, .1.56

uncatalyzed: .031, .049, .037, .045, .089, 1.00

wheat: .043, .331, .208, .608, 1.250, 1.66

purified acid phosphatase: .088, .148, .634, 1.44, 1.48, 2.00

1. Using the data collected from visual comparison or the colorimetric measurements, what were the initial velocities for the uncatalyzed reaction, and those catalyzed by the purified acid phosphatase, and the wheat germ extract.

A. initial velocity of the uncatalyzed reaction

B. initial velocity of the pure acid phosphatase reaction

C. initial velocity of the wheat germ extract reaction

2. Based only on the data you present on this assignment what does your [product]/time data for the uncatalyzed reaction tell you about the stability of nitrophenyl phosphate?

3. Using your data and assuming that you aIDed 5 micrograms of purified acid phosphatase to the pure acid phosphatase reaction:

a) calculate the amount of acid phosphatase present in 400 microliters of wheat germ extract.

b) now calculate the amount of acid phosphatase in one gram of wheat germ. To answer this question you must know how the wheat germ extract was made (hint: determining the concentration of wheat germ in the extract could help)


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