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Drawing from the material we have covered so far in the course, please write a 3-4 pages essay either attacking or defending one of the following:a) Kant’s Categorical Imperativeb) Mill’s Principle of UtilityYou must first explain the author’s argument then give a ste p by step argument explaining why you think the argument is plausible or i mplausible. If you defend the argument you must explain a possible objection (problem) and explain why the author would be able to respond to it. If you attack theargument you must also explain a possible objection and explain why the author’s argument cannot respond to the objection. Note: You may also create a ‘middle of t he road’ position by showing that the author can respond to part of, but not all of, the objection. Do not draw from secondary sources. This is your opportunity to DO philosophy. Use only the sources we have covered in class and your own insight. Be sure to cite all quotations in parentheses. Your paper should follow this general outline:
1.An introductory paragraph explaining what you plan to do in the essay. Make sure you include athesis statement in this paragraph.
2. In the next paragraph(s) clearly explaining the author’s argument. Simply stating the argument isnot thorough enough. The use of examples may be helpful.
3. The next paragraph(s) should consider a possible objection to this argument. Explain the objectionand why it is problematic for the author’s argument.
4.In the next paragraph explain why you think the author either would or would not be able torespond to this objection. If you think the author can respond to it, explain how. If you think theauthor could not respond to the objection, explain why not.
5. Summarize the paper in a concise concluding paragraph

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Values in the Modern World Assignment | Get Paper Help
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