Utilize citrate as carbon source-produced enzyme catalase | Homework Help

Case #1

As a qualified Medical Technician working in a western hospitaltesting lab, you are given a urinary sample to analyze. Thepatient is exhibiting signs of a sever blaIDer infection with highfever. After you complete a series of quick tests, you findthat there is a significant number of bacteria present and start toidentify the culture(s). You find one main morphology (1 Gram negative) and the organism showed the followingresults in diagnostic tests:
Gram (-), bacillus shaped
Can not utilize Citrate as a carbon source
Ferments lactose
Does not produce the enzyme urease

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Utilize citrate as carbon source-produced enzyme catalase | Homework Help
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Case #2

During a routine examination of a local athlete during therecent health fair, the doctor attending presented a skin swab toyou for identification. Initial culturing techniques revealeda single type of organism which had colonies that appearedyellowish in color. Further investigation of the strainresulted in the following diagnostic results:
Gram (+) cocci arranged in grape-like clusters
Non-spore former
Produced the enzyme catalase
Produces the enzyme coagulase


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