Imagine the following scenario for this week’s discussion:

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The critical care unit of your local hospital calls you for ethical consultation. They have admitted 53-year-old JoEllen after she overdosed on prescription medications taken with alcohol. On admission, she tries to speak but soon becomes uncommunicative. As her condition deteriorates rapidly, her son arrives with a notarized advance directive in which JoEllen has specifically asked not to be placed on life support. People are looking to you for guidance. What ethical recommendation will you make to the attending health professionals?

Apply what you have learned about utilitarianism to the scenario above:

· Using utilitarianism, what ethical recommendation would you give to the health care team?

· Explain your recommendation.


Mental Health Services

Imagine you are supervising Dave, an older adult who is nearing retirement. In the past, Dave has been an excellent employee. However, recently you have noticed that Dave has been making noticeable mistakes—overlooking important details, arriving at work late, and forgetting things. He has also been short-tempered on a couple of occasions. Reflecting on your own work place, what steps would you take to address the issues you have observed. What resources are available at your workplace to help you deal with this issue, as well as resources to help Dave?


Health and Prevention

In your chapter readings for this unit, your textbook outlined some of the physical changes that are part of the aging process, as well as preventive measures that can help aging adults eliminate or lessen some of the physical conditions that oftentimes accompany old age. Additionally, you reviewed the Capella multimedia Aging in the United State – By the Numbers.

For this discussion, review as much of your family medical history as you can gather, and also take a look at your current lifestyle. Using this information as a guide, discuss what changes you can make to your current lifestyle that can help you avoid some of the physical challenges involved with aging.


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